Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 8: Common Things

Date: Monday, February 8, 2010
Friend: Julie Berger
Activity: Burritos and Cupcakes
Location: Qdoba and Cupcake Island
Total $ spent: $0

At high noon, I met Julie for our $1 date: lunch and cupcakes! What could be better than burritos and cupcakes with a friend? Not much! Well, okay, it could have been warmer outside, considering it was only 10 degrees. Can I get a "BURRRR!!!" At least the sun was shining and the snow had temporarily stopped falling. I had earned a free burrito on my Qdoba Club Card (everyone should have one because you get free stuff) and Julie had a gift certificate to Cupcake Island. We're just a coupla cheap dates!

Random thing in common #1: we have both been laid off from the Museum.
Julie and I used to work together at the Museum, although it was only few months. I was always taken by her quiet nature and serene presence. I remember wanting to be her friend, but thought that maybe I was too outrageous for her. Then I got all insecure and weird and figured I was just annoying her. Either I calmed down or she realized that I wasn't a freak of nature, and we became friends. I saw Julie quite often since she was a member of the Museum's young professionals group, and because we have mutual friends.

Julie is never late. In fact, Julie is usually early. This is very motivating since I'm ALWAYS late and NEVER early. So when I arrived exactly at 12:00pm, it wasn't a surprise that Julie was already there. I ordered my free burrito and she ordered a naked taco salad. Waters for both of us. You can only imagine that two chicks who have been unemployed by the same place would piss and moan about said workplace. Yeah, we did some of that. But mostly in a constructive, therapeutic manner. She was supportive about my job search and reminded me that if it takes a while to find a job, it isn't a reflection of my skills or my qualifications.

Random thing in common #2 - we've both had kidney stones! I had posted a Facebook update today worrying that I might have a kidney stone. I took it upon my self to tell her all about my history of kidney stones, the various surgeries and procedures I've had, and the crazy funny time when I had to take prostate meds. Yes, that's a true story. So I'm babbling on and on about my weird health issues, and Julie casually throws out this comment, "yeah, I had a kidney stone over Christmas." Wha???

This prompted a lenghty conversation about medical mysteries and unsupportive doctors and specialists. We have both been incredibly frustrated by improper diagnoses and feeling like no one is listening. We talked about the frustration of eating healthy, having a normal sleeping pattern, exercising, and yet still feeling like poo. Random thing in common #3: we both suffer from migraines.

We finished our scrumptious lunches and headed to Cupcake Island. Ooooooohhhhh....cupcakes. Julie had received a gift certificate from our friend Kent, and I was all to happy to help her redeem it. :) It's a small little shop with every color every invented. Super delicious sprinkles, frosting, and cake mixes.

Of course they were all decked out for Valentine's Day, and while Julie and I are both unlucky in the dating department, we both chose heartsy fartsy flavors.

Let me be clear - chossing the flavor was not easy! Julie settled on red velvet and I went for the simple yet satisfying, "classic." I didn't realize the irony of this until later, but the majority of the time we were at Cupcake Island, we talked about fitness and eating right! It's okay, you can laugh. Random thing in common #4: we both have exercise-induced asthma. (I actually have asthma-asthma, but it's worse when I exercise.)

Our dollar date was quite lovely and refreshing. Julie is a gentle soul and I think we complement each other nicely. I'm short and loud, and she's tall reserved (until Journey's "Don't Stop Believin" plays and then she's out of control!). But we are both career driven, close to our families, and ultimately want to be the best people we can possibly be. Of all the random things we have in common, I think that is our strongest connection.

On deck for day 9: Kacie. I'll be seeing you....


  1. YAY--had so much fun hanging out. Can you send me the pic of us? I'd like to print it out miss. :)

  2. Chossing? I really typed chossing? Why doesn't blogspot have a spell check??