Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 19: Because Creativity Matters

Date: February 19, 2010
Friend: Scott Hendrickson
Activity: Art Opening and Jazz
Location: Bemis Underground and Sullivan's
Total $ Spent: $1

On a very hot, very crowded night at Jazz on the Green last summer, a young man approached the Membership table asking about things to do for young professionals as he was new to Omaha. Sensing his willingness to commit, Lora told him all about the Young Art Patrons. Before long, Scott became a member of the group and a regular at events. A professor at Creighton University, this young professional turned into a friend.

Our $1 date began at the Bemis Underground for their grand re-opening complimentary reception. Naturally, it was snowing and freezing cold so we felt very lucky to get decent parking. The Bemis Underground was recently remodeled and boasts a new curator. On this particular night, 3 artists were exhibiting solo shows. If you live in Omaha and you believe in art, please visit the Bemis.

Within the first five minutes of walking through the "new" space, I was overjoyed to see so many familiar faces. Why haven't I realized that I am a part of the art community? Why am I still surprised to find that I know these people? I saw Anne S. from date #2, Anne M. who was featured in date #16 and the unfortunate ham incident, Daphne formerly of Word Made Flesh, Andy and Matt from Joslyn, Jean and Tom from Joslyn and Hot Shops, Thom from my past life, Ann Marie (Kenley's friend), Larry Ferguson, and so many others! How lovely it is to feel like you belong.

Scott and I wandered around a little and reflected on whether or not we actually "get" certain genres of art. I think that's the point isn't it? So much of it is open to interpretation. I am clearly not educated in art history and I'm no critic so I won't even try to pretend. I liked some of it, I didn't like some of it. The picture isn't very clear, but one thing I liked is below and it was from Rebecca Herskovitz's The Things I Cannot Say, in which letters never meant to be read are meshed into canvases with various sketches. There, how is that for creativity? We also walked past the Kent Bellows studio and read about the student programs.

After about an hour and half, we decided to try to find some free live music. Off to Sullivan's Steak House. Yes, I went to a steak house. We sat in the bar and listened to the piano player and drummer, who were quite good. The room was sparcely occupied even though it was a Friday night. I sniffed Scott's chocolate martini and decided that if I ever take up drinking, I'm definitely starting with one of those! As I sipped on my $1 Sprite, I admired the murals on the walls and stole a few of Scott's fries. We had a detailed conversation about the movie Avatar and I might actually be interested in seeing it thanks to Scott's review. I counseled him in the areas of dating since I'm such an expert......BAHAHAHAHAHA.....okay not really. We both whined a little about dating but didn't overindulge in self-pity.

Dodging past potholes, slush puddles, and freshly fallen snow, we hurried back to the car and called it a night. Omaha is certainly not the most kind in winter, but it never lets you down if you just give it a chance.

On deck for day 20: Danelle. I'll be seeing you......

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