Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 13: My Sweet Boogers

Date: February 13, 2010
Friend: Charlie
Activity: Movie Night
Location: Becky and Bryan's House
Total $ Spent: $2.50 - UH OH! I SPLURGED!

Warning to Readers: I adore my nephew and I get a little gushy when talking about him.

Charlie was born the very same day I left Maryland and moved back to Omaha. I had to wait two whole days to meet him since my dad and I were trekking across the country in a moving truck and my little Elantra. But as my sister points out, I didn't have to bear witness to the grody parts of labor and by the time I held my sweet nephew, he looked like a normal baby.

I have a hard time describing the bond I feel for my Charlie. He is a major part of my happiness, and I sometimes think I'm more attached to him than the other way around. While I always looked forward to being an aunt, I really didn't know the kind of unconditional love I would feel. I know, this is all sounding dangerously close to what a normal girl would say and we all know I'm not normal. But what can I say? I fell fast and hard for my nephew. He nick-named me "Dee Dee" when he first started talking and it has stuck ever since. I started calling him "sweet boogers" as an accidental cross between "my sweet baboo" from Peanuts, and "my boo" from the hip kids on the street. It's not the most glamorous term of endearment, but he likes it.

I freely and honestly admit that I went over my $1 spending limit, but I'm not really sure if it counts because it was spent on his Valentine present. He is, after all, my sweetest Valentine of all time. I got him a Cars sticker/coloring book and his current favorite candy - jellybeans which he then tried to drink out of his fireman cup.

Originally, I planned to take Charlie around town to get various free samples of ice cream, but he has been stricken with the croup and a bad ear infection. So instead of mooching from unsuspecting teens wearing tie-dyed t-shirts, our date was spent watching the movie Up between bites of tater tots, car chases, Buzz Lightyear leaps, and wrestle mania. All of this was slightly subdued considering his sad little cough and puffy eyes, but still. Try to keep a 2 1/2 year old from running around without his pants on! I guarantee you will not win this battle.

I'm not sure if this is the typical expectation of an aunt, but during our date I taught Charlie about wedgies. His big boy underpants are too big for his tiny little tush, and everytime I would try to pull them up, he pulled them down. What choice did I have but to hike those bad boys up as far as they would go? I took advantage of this teaching moment and told him "I just gave you a wedgie!" He looked me square in the eyes and said "no, Dee, I don't want a wedgie!" Who could blame for me laughing hysterically???

As bedtime approached, we turned off the TV and got ready for story time. We talked about our date and he gave goodnight kisses to all of his pets. I said, "are you my sweet boogers?" And he said "no, I don't want to be sweet boogers because I'm sick." A little sad, I replied "will you be my sweet boogers tomorrow?" He thought for a second, snuggled into Woo Woo (his favorite blankie) and said "yeah, I'll be your sweet boogers tomorrow."

On deck for day 14: Angela. I'll be seeing you.....

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