Monday, February 22, 2010

Day 22: Chick Flicks

Date: February 22, 2010
Friend: Amanda (Miller) Doty
Activity: Returns and a Movie
Location: Oakview Mall
Total $ Spent: $1.07

Way back when in the summer of '07, I moved to Omaha and started a new job. Having never visited the administrative buildings of my new job, I didn't know what to expect. I didn't know how to dress or what to bring for lunch. Should I blow dry my hair or pull it back? Optimistic for my new start, I was determined to make it a great day, even though I quickly realized I was dressed too casually. I was shown to my a run-down former biker bar......adjacent to the administrative offices. I had a desk but no chair and a window that I wasn't allowed to open. My family had sent me a bouquet of "congratulations on your new job" balloons which greeted me upon my arrival. With a half-smile reflecting back at me from the silver mylar, I forced myself to subscribe to the idea that I didn't need nice things. I was here to serve the organization's mission and to advance my career. And at least I would have an office mate. I just hoped she liked me. Her name was Amanda and she was the nicest thing that could have happened, although the balloon bouquet was quite thoughtful. Props to my fam.

Amanda would become my closest confidant and wisest ally during that difficult summer. And I'm not afraid to disclose that many-a-time we would sing our faces off in our little Rinky Dink office. We would tease each other by throwing our squishy toys on the other's desk and have ramp rolling races in our chairs (once I finally had a chair, which I stole from the volunteer's work space). I talked her into sneaking out for lunch at Subway and she never judged me for being late every morning. We tried to redecorate so that we wouldn't notice the spider webs and remnant bullet holes in the ceiling and walls. Sadly, our design scheme wasn't approved, but we found ways of making our office livable. These are the ways we passed the days and coped with a a disfunctional working environment. When I resigned, Amanda was the first person to call me. She was in tears yet supportive of my decision.

Our $1 date fell the day after Amanda's 30th birthday which was totally appropriate since she was my only friend in attendance at my "Nerdy Thirty" birthday party. We hadn't seen each other in over three months so we squealed and jumped up and down when we met up at the Food Court. She is now super blonde and my hair is longer since last time she saw me, with trashy 1-inch roots growing out. That's just how I roll.

She received a gorgeous opal ring from her husband but unfortunately it was cracked and needed to be exchanged. So the first stop on our date was to Helzberg's. I don't think I've been in an actual diamond store No, I'm sure I went once in high school to get one of those "I Am Loved" buttons. That was probably the last time. The associates weren't overly friendly toward us and they certainly didn't apologize for the damaged stone. But since I've just admitted that I don't frequent diamond stores, it doesn't really do me any good to threaten to take my business elsewhere.

We swung by Starbucks where I utilized my gift card to buy a tall iced green tea lemonade. It was so good I finished half of it by the time we reached the escalator. After convincing Amanda that she wasn't limited to spending only $1, we headed to the food court so she could grab some dinner. She ordered from Arby's and guess what??? They have a $1 menu! Pow! I ordered some curly fries and had a bite (or 3) of Amanda's jalepeno poppers. Muy Caliente.

In addition to catching up on the usual topics such as work, family, love life, etc, I told her that we must never ever go this long without seeing each other. She has even gotten married since the last time I saw her! Check out the bling.

We finished our deliciously greasy food and travelled over to the movie theatre to see Valentine's Day. I was on the fence about seeing this movie because I'm not really what you might call a "romantic." Sure, I have watched The Notebook 1,812 times, I own the extended collector's edition of Twilight, and Gone with the Wind is my all-time favorite movie. But otherwise I'm totally dead inside when it comes to schmoopy-doop romance movies. This is why I need Amanda, because she will go see chick flicks with me. And I secretly like them.

I bought our movie tickets with the remainder of my AMC gift card (and because it was part of my birthday gift to her) and she bought the popcorn and candy. Did you know that AMC will give you as many Dixie cups of ice water as you want, for free? I carried two of those bad boys into the theatre and had my thirst sufficiently quenched. Amanda barely ate any popcorn but I ate enough to regret it later. Oy.

Me and Amanda....I mean Amanda and me....or is it Amanda and I.....whatever.......we truly enjoy each other's company. With trust and respect, we provide a supportive ear when needed. We like chick flicks and hate Nickelback. Yep, she's a keeper.

On deck for day 23: Nick. I'll be seeing you.

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  1. Umm.

    1.) I hate Nickelback as well.
    2.) You forgot to mention me in ramp rolling
    3.) Can you just crop me in all your pictures?

    Kthanks. I miss you two!
    -Meg Crowley (I don't know how I'm posting this comment..)