Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 15: ATL

Date: February 15, 2010
Friend: Ann Taylor
Activity: Folding and Hanging
Location: Loft at Village Pointe
Total $ Spent: $0

Rather than beat myself up anymore than I already have for not going on a specific $1 date with a friend today, I've decided to take a chill pill and think outside the box. Since the point of this project was to make sure I got out of the house each day and not spend more than $1, I really didn't break any rules. I bent my requirement of hanging out with a specific person because it just didn't happen.

I spent most of my day following up on my assignments for the Nebraska Autism Society's annual Puzzle Walk. So I did accomplish the goal of being active in the community in a creative way. I am on the Sponsorship Committee, the Media Committee, and the Prize Committee. And pretty much anything else they need me to do. Since my mom went so many years without advocacy and assistance, it's my goal to help as many families as possible by sharing my family's story. And since I'm not afraid to call a company and beg for money, I figured this was a good use of my time.

After my productive afternoon, and still not having a $1 date lined up, I had to get ready for my shift at Loft. I thought about inviting one of my co-workers to coffee or out for a drink after work, but alas they both had plans. So instead, I used my shift to get to know the Loft product better than ever. You might think this is silly, but I really love clothing and I love helping other women love themselves in their clothing. Tonight, I assisted an older woman by letting her know it's okay for her to wear mid-rise khakis. She even went down a size which made her all the more giddy. I helped her pick out some versatile jewelry and explained her various discount options. Not very glamorous, right? But on a night like this, when it was fffffffrreezing cold and we had so few customers, I know I helped this woman feel better about herself.

Here is a helpful tip for any of you who are Loft shoppers. When I first started at Loft 6 years ago, the size of the mannequins was always 0 or 2. The mannequins haven't changed, and yet now we put 4's and 6's on them. Why? BECAUSE THE FIT HAS CHANGED! I tell you this to remind you not to get stuck on the number. Styles, fits, and fabrics change so don't be so hard on yourself if you're not the size you "think" you should be.

This is not my most philosophical blog entry, nor is it reflective upon a certain friendship. Even though I only spend a few hours of my week there, I do take pride in my work at Ann Taylor Loft. Through thick and thin, knee surgeries and wardrobe malfunctions, me and the ATL are still together.

On deck for day 16: Marjorie Maas. I'll be seeing you.....

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