Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 11: Mimi-n-Me

Date: February 11, 2010
Friend: Mimi Boswell
Activity: Window Shopping
Location: Oakview Mall
Total $ Spent: $0 (although Mimi bought a couple things)

Two hip chicks. One tall, one short. One brunette, one blonde(ish). One married, one single. Both slightly crazy and totally fabulous. That's Mimi and Me. Friends out of mutual fascination, we spent our date window shopping around Oakview Mall, and I didn't even buy these amazingly novel hot pink cords at the Gap which were on sale for $4.97. I know, talk about some serious self-control.

Mimi lost her full-time job the very same week as I lost mine. She is an artist and graphic designer, married to an artist and graphic designer. She and her hubby, Todd, are by far my favoritest couple of all time. After like 10 years together, they still call each other "Sweetie" and send each other love notes on Facebook. Normally, I would be all "love is blechy," and then stomp off like Veruca Salt. But Todd and Mimi have that something that makes even the staunchest non-believers find a sliver of hope.

I first met Todd guessed it......the Museum. He was on the young professionals planning committee. I must have met Mimi at an event along the way, but it was at the Conversation with a Curator in April 2009 that she stole my heart. She referred to me as a "cute little fashionista" and I was smitten! How freakin cool that this beautiful, trendy woman thought I was fashionable! Yay! I'm pretty sure we jumped up and down and squealed. Each event thereafter, I looked forward to seeing her. I realized that not only was she super cool, but she thought I was super cool too. Dontcha just love it when that happens?

We have a mutual love for shopping so it was only natural that it became the focus of our date. We started at New York & Company on the search for the perfect interview top (for her, not me. If I had an interview, trust me you would ALL know about it). I like to live vicariously through Mimi because she can wear any color and look amazing, unlike me with my strangely yellow-tinted skin. I'm confined to a life of earth-toned neutrals. But I guess neutrals are essential. Much like Switzerland.

I pretended to be her personal shopper as I swooped through the store picking out this and that, and convincing her that she can pull off bracelets (power twins unite!). She tried on several cute outfits and one very, heinously unfortunate sweater. My reaction is captured below.

After her highly successful purchases, we stopped for a caffeinated beverage at Starbucks. I still have my handy-dandy gift card, so my tall skinny chai and coffee cake didn't cost me a thing. It was here that Mimi and I discussed some of the pros and cons of non-profit work. When she started taking notes, I thought to myself, "huh, how about that? I actually know what I'm talking about." After like 10 years working in the industry, I still seem to have my insecurities. But it's okay because Mimi so totally gets me. She even understands (yet doesn't judge) my PWT roots (yes, I really just typed that but since I was one it's okay for me to say it. The PWT Rule Book allows it). I think she is prepared for her interview, and I'm confident it will go well. We've already decided that she will go shopping with me when I get an interview. The fact that I don't need to buy anything is absolutely not important.

I can't remember how it came up, but it turns out we are both avid bird lovers! And....we both name our woodland creatures! See? I'm not the only one! Her yard is home to a woodpecker named Tina and I told her about my pheasants, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Quail. And we both love red tailed hawks, except when they squeeze doves. That's not so loveable.

We decided to do a drive-by of Gap but failed when we ended up in the dressing rooms. She picked out a khaki smock dress for me to try on. Jewish friends, this dress was a schmata. Full-on schmata. But Mimi is so hip I humored her. This was also where I tried on the surprisingly fantastic hot pink cords. I seriously considered buying them. I will accept no judgement for this admission since I know many of you wear leggings, much to my disapproval.

Mid-afternoon, we both started to get a little panicky. Mimi had a million bazillion things to do (not the least of which includes taking down her Christmas February.....) and I was feeling guilty for not yet job hunting today. Also, I was starving and Taco Del Mar was looking at me longingly, and I didn't want to tempt myself to spend money. I felt too weak after walking away from the pink cords. So Mimi and me parted ways, only to text each other a few hours later.

On deck for day 12: Traci. I'll be seeing you.....


  1. I love reading your stories. =) And two things I feel must be re-iterated, young lady: a) you are a cute little fashionista, and b) you are a seasoned non-profit worker who knows her stuff!!! OWN it, WKH! =)

    Also, I'm going to need a Wednesday where we discuss your disdain for leggings. I don't believe I've heard this one from you.

    PS - can you take your laptop to a free wifi location for an online game date with me?

  2. mr and mrs dan quail! oh god i love you. avid bird lovers unite! (very quietly)