Monday, January 25, 2010

I'd like to introduce you to my BFF, Excel

Countdown to the start of the 28x1x1 project: SIX

I'm getting really excited to get this bad boy running. Although I have to say that if the weather doesn't start behaving more appropriately, we might fight. Seriously. How many pairs of my jeans have salt stains on the cuffs? How many boots are stacked by the door because there is no point in putting them away? And how much time is wasted styling my hair to make it look like I spent no time styling it, just to have it get all fershimmeled in the wind?

I am ready to start scheduling my first week of $1 dates, so please let me know if you would like to be assigned in that first week. Remember, I'm not what you might call "employed" so I shouldn't have too many scheduling conflicts. Okay, to be fair, I do work part-time but it's very part-time (hint to Loft managers if you're reading this...I could use more hours). Anyway, I will track everyone's dates, the activity, and the amount of money spent. This is why I will always be grateful to Janet Butler-Berry and Michael Donohue for MAKING me learn Excel even when I was all "I so totally have more important things to do."

I'll be seeing you....


  1. Love it, love you, love your creativity. Oh, and I, too, love Janet Butler Berry and Michael Donohue.

    I cannot wait to read about your dollarscapades, and so wish I was in Omaha to participate with you!

    Here's one for you: Redbox movie

  2. Yours is a very nice blog. Love your creative side. I'm a fellow blogger, unemployed. Keep writing and enjoy the growth that comes from putting your heart into it.

    All the best to you,
    Observationsindailylife on blogspot

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